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You know that feeling when you walk into a room and it just feels right? Warm and inviting, elegant and comfortable? The colors just so? We want you to have that. We want you to love where you live!

AbbeyK, Inc. is a full-service interior design firm located in the Boston area. We specialize in working with busy people who want a beautiful home. We have over a decade of experience, an eye for design, and a mind for business. Our longstanding relationships with contractors, workrooms, and tradespeople help us get the job done.

Color is our specialty, but we are not about a signature look: our work includes styles ranging from classic New England all the way to modern. In decorating your home, we take our cue from you, your home, and your lifestyle. We also delight in working on historic homes and making them comfortable for today’s living.

AbbeyK on TV

  • This Old House®
    West Newton Shingle-Style
    episode 11
  • This Old House®
    West Newton Shingle-Style
    episode 16
  • New england Dream House

Abbey Koplovitz trained as a fine artist and it shows. Her work combines an artist’s understanding of color and materials with a designer’s skill and expertise.

Although each project is unique, certain themes are consistent — beautiful fabrics, varied textures, and inspiring color palettes.

Today, AbbeyK’s work can be seen in homes throughout the Boston area, on Cape Cod and in New York. Abbey is featured on This Old House®, New England Dream Home, and Houzz.


  • Abbey is informed, articulate and professional in every way.
    Her work is creative and

  • Extremely knowledgeable, talented, attentive, and conscientious… and an uncanny ability to understand her customer’s taste and then make suggestions that will appeal.

  • An artist, marriage counselor, accountant and pseudo sister. I cannot say enough about her ability to work with the client’s taste, infusing reason and elegance.


Blog and Project Updates

November 9 , 2015

My House Is Still Pink

Will the painters ever show up? That is the question. He was supposed to come yesterday but didn’t. Today I texted him inquiring about the schedule.

He called and said, “Oh, this weather is killing me.”

I am thinking, well, that’s odd. It is 70 degrees out in November and hasn’t...

October 1 , 2015

2015: The Summer of Exterior Renovations

We did a lot of work on the house this summer with a focus on the exterior. Our plan was extensive including replacing all exterior rot, replacing a few broken gutters and downspouts, as well as re-grading the back yard with new hardscaping. As often is the case, mid-project, the plan changed. The contractors told us...

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